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Three Questions I Always Get Asked About Sat-Nav Units

Feb 3

I have been doing some research recently on GPS and Sat-Nav unit from across the market. To be honest, there is not a huge amount of choice, I think the website put it best, either you buy a TomTom or a Garmin, or you have problems down the line.  If you buy a TomTom or a Garmin, they are generally tried and tested models that perform well over time and come with the support needed over the long term.  If you buy anything else, you could get a good model, but it might not work, and might break down on the first day.  

Is there a good cheap satnav?

There is nothing wrong with keeping it cheap and cheerful! There are plenty of models out there that do the basics well, such as the aptly named Tomtom Go Basic. Alternatively, you can try using the Waze App, available on Android and iOS systems.

Can I install a satnav at home?

With each of the satnavs above, home installation is not only possible – it’s easy! For basic set-up, some of these will be up and running within 10 minutes. After that, it is just a case of choosing your preferences.

Can I get different voices for my satnav?

Yes! If you are not fond of the voice that is currently acting as your co-pilot, you do have options. In the settings for all Garmin and Tomtom satnavs, there will be a menu to select voices. Alternatively, Tomtom’s website has a long list of novelty voices for the user to download as their driving companion. So, if you want to directed about town by Yosemite Sam, Mr. T, or even Brian Blessed (if you’re feeling particularly brave), such voices are available for a small extra cost.

Why not just use Google Maps?

Truth be told, Google Maps is quite often a useful companion on long drives – but it doesn’t quite compare to using a dedicated satnav. Sure, a mobile mapping device will get you to your destination, but where they fall down is in their usability while driving. While driving, the last thing you want to be doing is messing about with your phone. Because the satnav is designed to be used in cars, they’re easier to use. They have larger screens, the sound is much clearer, and you don’t need to worry about it running out of battery.